Bhaskar Matipadi

He pioneered power rentals on big MW scale as an alternative to capacity building in niche Gulf markets and was a market leader in the field for over a decade. He has introduced many reverse engineering solutions through a punchline ‘Solutions through Engineering’. His ability to question the normal and seek out of the box solutions which always raised the bar very high above has been his hallmark. A team leader, he has immense ability to motivate individuals and teams to deliver exceptional quality even in the most challenging situations and thereby incubated a huge human capital base. With his team members spread out in their respective fields they continue to deliver in the newer domains through the skills acquired under him with significant benefit to their new ecosystems. He always believed that ‘It is amazing what you can achieve if you don’t care who gets the credit’. He created from scratch and headed the Power and Industrial Projects Division for a large diverse business entity in the Gulf and also headed its Oil and Gas and Machinery Divisions. He is also instrumental in transforming the traditional and conservative mindset of the erstwhile trading entity to successfully participate in the bidding for large scale multi-billion-dollar power projects through the IPP route by forging strategic JV alliances with global leaders for equity participation, EPC and O&M along with bringing in lenders for project financing.

Amin Ahmed Matheen
VP of Energy Sales

Amin has over 30 years of experience in the Energy Industry. Previously he has been involved in Feasibility studies, conceptual design, project planning, implementation, operations and maintenance Power Generation – Conventional Thermal and Renewable Energy (Gas Turbine / Steam Turbine / Combined Cycle / Solar / Waste to Energy) Distributed generation / short term power rental solutions Special services for retrofits / upgrades of existing power plants for improved reliability and efficiency Energy audits, energy conservation measures, demand side management, shared savings (ESCO model), waste heat recovery Process optimisation for reducing specific energy consumption Techno‐economic viability of projects, project finance models Project Agreements, Strategic planning and advisory Critical review and assessment of project proposals

Ashish Kukrety
VP of Engineering

With over 30 years of varied experience including, value added engineered solutions sales, value added project management, production, project finance and market trends Analysis in Core Energy Domain. Experience of running long term O & M contracts, Asset Management, Energy sales contract based on long term PPA. Built a strong team to do EPC projects for Solar PV based for Ground and Rooftop Mounted Solutions. Managed and delegated assignments based on site plans, project needs and knowledge of individual team member for implementation of Projects. Concept of controlling Project overruns was used keep project within budgets. Modernized and improved manufacturing procedures to increase efficiency and profitability while tightly controlling costs such as schedule overrun and managing project cashflows. Devised promotional approaches to boost customer acquisition and increase market share while driving growth. Proactive decisions understanding the market trends significantly helped in the growth. Boosted team productivity and efficiency by leveraging individual’s strengths