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Client-Focused Solutions

We remain attentive to your needs throughout the entire process and offer customized business strategies and solutions to address obstacles, target opportunities, and give rise to practical actions.


Our deep understanding of the process allows our partners to focus on optimizing their core businesses, leaving the nitty gritty details to EUS. Our experts collaborate to review requirements, pre-qualify companies, determine partner abilities and potential, and evaluate/recommend potential deals in the Middle East.


EUS trade services cover the following: parts and services in petrochemicals, oil and gas companies and power plant services (including spare parts of boiler, steam and gas turbine engines and operation maintenance).


EUS’ superior energy services spare clients the hassle of dealing with pre-qualification requirements, saving time and effort.

Pushing the Boundaries

With our commitment to excellence in quality and service, we work to push our partners above and beyond – in scope and performance – to continually expand businesses into new markets. Within our trusted relationships is the drive to help our partners realize their full potential and exceed their expectations of success.

Navigating the Process

EUS is strongly aware of the procedures and protocols to effectively conduct business in the Middle East. We have access to market data and industry information that helps guide our partners through the fine print that tends to line corporate and government operations. EUS not only offers partner access to regional market data, but also the benefits of our top-level relationships in the energy services industry. We work to make the process simple and efficient so that success comes naturally for all businesses involved.
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